A lifetime of quality care for women begins here.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the doctors at DeSoto Women’s Consultants provide high-quality health care for women from adolescence, through the reproductive years, into menopause, and beyond.

Our Services

Our goal is to help you improve and maintain your quality of life through the years and partner with you to make your life better. Our providers’ expertise ranges from primary health care for women to gynecologic and reproductive care to surgery.


DeSoto Women’s Consultants provides complete gynecologic care including well-woman exams, contraception counseling, and menopause evaluation and care. We also offer InterStim therapy for patients experiencing incontinence.

• Well-woman exam:
Designed as a “check in” to ensure that all routine screening is either performed or up to date.

• Contraceptive counseling:
We support a woman’s ability to choose when and if she desires to become pregnant and utilize all available methods of contraception, including IUDs and the Nexplanon contraceptive implant.

• Infertility: We evaluate and manage women who are trying to achieve a pregnancy but are having difficulty doing so.

• Menstrual irregularities: We evaluate and offer treatments for patients with painful and/or irregular menstrual cycles.

• Postmenopausal bleeding: We evaluate and manage vaginal bleeding that occurs after menopause.

• Menopause evaluation and care:
We assess patients’ menopausal status and treat symptoms of menopause.

• Colposcopy:
This in-office procedure is often performed after an abnormal Pap smear and allows for a closer evaluation of the cervix.

• Vulvar dermatoses

• Bartholin’s gland cysts/abscesses

• Miscarriage


You can always expect comprehensive reproductive care at our clinic. DeSoto Women’s Consultants providers have decades of experience in obstetrics, and will guide you every step of the way through your pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

• Preconception counseling:
We evaluate patients prior to attempting to conceive, including ensuring that chronic health conditions are well controlled and preconception carrier screening.

• Pregnancy:
Includes complications of pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Labor and delivery: Includes spontaneous and operative vaginal deliveries (including trial of labor after cesarean in appropriate patients) and cesarean deliveries.


We specialize in minimally invasive gynecological surgery including single-incision laparoscopic hysterectomy, vaginally assisted NOTES hysterectomy, and pelvic reconstructive surgery (vaginal, bladder, rectal prolapse).

• Hysteroscopy: A procedure where a small camera is passed through the cervix to assess the uterine cavity.

• Endometrial ablation: A minimally invasive procedure used in the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding.

• Cervical conization: A procedure used in the evaluation of abnormal Pap smears, typically only after an abnormal result from a colposcopy. We offer LEEP (Loop Electrode Electrosurgical Procedure) and cold knife conization.

• Bartholin’s gland marsupialization: A procedure used in the treatment of recurrent Bartholin’s gland abscesses.

• Tubal ligationHysterectomy: We offer multiple ways of performing this procedure in order to provide the best care possible to each patient.

• Abdominal hysterectomy

• Laparoscopic hysterectomy

• Vaginal hysterectomy

• VNOTES hysterectomy

Patient Information

We are always just a call away. Please contact us if you have any further questions about appointments or new patient information.


To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 662-349-1112, use the “Schedule Appointment” buttons on our Providers page, or schedule online via MyChart.

New Patients

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In network: Medicare, Medicaid, BlueCare TennCare, BCBS, Aetna, Humana, Ambetter, United Health Care, Amerigroup, Bright Health, VA, Magnolia, Molina, Tricare, and many more.

Out of network: Cigna, UHC TennCare, UHC Medicare Advantage, UHC Dual Complete (SNP)

Preparing for your first visit

Please have your medical records forwarded to our office including your most recent mammogram, pap smear, blood work, and any outpatient test you’ve had done related to women’s health. If you’re pregnant and have been treated by another OB, we will need all records related to the pregnancy. Please bring your insurance card and a photo ID with you.